OnePlus prep a full 5G line-up

With 5G deployment ploughing ahead here in the UK, the OnePlus crew are going all-in, and will be showing off a range of 5G phones with their upcoming launch.

CEO Pete Lau tells us..

This is a milestone both for OnePlus and our users. We’re proud to be among the first smartphone manufacturers to have full 5G line up for our next launch. OnePlus has achieved many firsts with 5G, and this time’s no exception.

We believe that following the dawn of the 5G era, the smartphone experience will go through a dramatic development. 5G’s low latency and enhanced cloud services will undoubtedly help us achieve a truly interconnected experience, while also providing exciting developments in areas like gaming, which are vitally important for OnePlus’ tech-savvy users.

OnePlus have been looking into 5G since 2016 and look ready to hit the market with yet more well-built, well-priced kit in the coming weeks. The upcoming OnePlus 8 series of its phones will all be 5G, which is great news.

We’ll have all the news live from the event as usual, so don’t forget to hit us up on Twitter.