Start a call on your phone – direct from your PC

Been browsing on Chrome recently? If you were trying to find a number or call a business, you probably did the same as me this morning. At the weekend, and with the aid of alcohol, my filling fell out. So, I had to call the dentist this morning. Trouble is, I’d forgotten the number.

A quick Google sorted that and, as I was about to copy and paste the number into an email / WhatsApp Web message / text message, I found that there was a new shortcut…

Simply select the appropriate phone (I have a few because I’m bonkers) and a call will be placed on the handset in question.

This all relies on your browser being logged in with your Google account, but I thought it was a neat idea. After selecting the phone, this pops up in the top-right of your browser…

Then your phone bursts into life and displays this message..

If you’ve got Android and you use Chrome, give this a spin. There’s apps out there to achieve a similar thing if you want.

Oh, and a big hello to Jacob from Jacme Oral Care. You owe me a beer son – I told you it’d fall out again. 🙂

Update – You can also send links to your device too. Cool huh?