How mobile gaming is taking over

It’s 2020 and today our mobile modern  technology plays a massive part in our day to day lives. However, what many don’t realise is that there’s been a huge amount of attention in this area. Not just the hardware, not just the operating system or the networks, but the applications and just how connected the world can be.

As we’ve mentioned here before, a lot of the driving forces and the big changes have come from the online casino world. The traditional arcades on your high street and the casinos are becoming “old hat” and the bingo halls have closed down. This change in behaviour has also been reflected in the retail industry too – the traditional “brick and mortar”shops are leaving our streets – instead we’re seeing a big increase in online purchases. People are more confident to shop online – to browse from their sofa and to buy from their phone.

Why? Well, the technology and those online shops are so much better now. You can get a full 360” image of those shoes you want. You can get an ultra-zoom on a new coat, a video preview of someone wearing the jeans you’ve clicked on – and it’s so easy to obtain. Click, get them delivered, then try them on and send them back if you don’t like.

It’s all about replicating that shopping experience to instil the confidence that you can confidently buy online. The same can be said for gaming, and we’re seeing popular online casinos producing slick, realistic experiences on your phone. Log into one of these sites and you’ll see real, live dealers via a video link. They’ll chat to you, they’ll call you by your name. Meanwhile, you can watch live football with live commentary – playing and betting live, as the game progresses.

What really gets people to log onto these services is the fact that there’s no real effort. Like the change in shopping – which would involve you getting on a train, bus or having to drive and park – you can just tap your finger on your phone and everything is done in seconds.

Studies all prove that now, in 2020, the majority of online users access the internet via a mobile phone. This is something that big online stores like Next, Very, AO and Amazon already knew. Likewise, online casinos had already moved their desktop platforms over to a more accessible and portable mobile technology system. .

Previously, Flash powered any sort of graphically-intensive website. Now though, it’s all about HTML5 technology, which flies along on mobile phones and allows more flexibility for the developers. This also enabled developers to create games for phones that didn’t necessarily require an app installation. Instead, you just browsed to them.  It’s another example of how our phones have now turned into mobile gaming centres

Now, with the advent of Google Stadia and other streamed-gaming services, we’re seeing the importance shift to the networking element of mobile technology. It’s no longer all about how powerful your phone is or how advanced your screen is – it’s all about how fast your internet connection is. This is why the days of 5G can’t come soon enough for many. It will literally lift the roof off what is possible on your phone.

So, be excited about what is to come!