Board games without the boredom

Well, Christmas is over now but, it there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that board games are making a big come-back. In our house at least. Monopoly seems to be a favourite right now, and we’ve ended up with three different Monopoly boards which are themed around different TV shows or products. We even have an old Thomas Cook-themed Monopoly board despite the holiday company no longer existing.

The rules for Monopoly have been hotly debated over Christmas, and there was some rather shady “deals” being done by my son when he tried to complete his much-needed “set” of places in order to start building houses.

Other favourites at the moment include a word-search board game, which didn’t really require any rules to be explained. However, for the most part, the various board games had a set of instructions which weren’t always understood or followed.

Luckily though, a lot of these games are available as apps too. The official Monopoly one is here and there’s a very similar non-official one called Rento which lets you play between multiple players in the same room or further afield via a cloud-hosted multiplayer system where you create your own “room”. Best of all? You don’t need to worry about instructions – the app will only let you follow the rules, so there’s no questionable trading going on or pieces being moved while you’re not looking.

If you’re on the look-out for some fun (and easy to follow) games, try these apps out…

You can also check out the newest bingo sites for real in-person gaming where you can make friends with others whilst dabbing your dobbers and marking off those numbers. There’s tonnes of websites and apps which are dedicated to bingo too, so you’ve got a huge range of options to choose from there.

As these are in your phone, you don’t need to find the box containing the game and you won’t find that there’s pieces missing. I’m also quite glad that there’s so many multi-player options – this ensures that you get the full experience and challenge of playing with others.