A smarter way to send money online

As money transfer service providers look for ways to efficiently and safely send money online, Ria has taken the game to a whole new level. Realising the struggles customers were going through in accessing international money transfer services through websites and physical agents, Ria Money Transfer developed the Ria Money Transfer app.

This is a mobile application available on both Google Play and the App Store as a free download. The first launch of the Ria app was in July 2017, where the provider targeted iOS platform devices (iPhones and iPads). Ever since the developers have integrated all smart devices including Android devices and you can send money right at the palm of your hand.

What Features Does the Ria Money Transfer App Have?

The seamless experience customers enjoy on the mobile app cannot be compared to the desktop experience. There are a host of features than make this experience possible.

An Easy-to-Navigate Interface

The application has gone through an intensive iterative development cycle where feedback from customers and the ingenuity of developers have helped shape it to what it is today. The interface is clean and developed with the end-user in mind.

The visual design, mobile optimization and functionalities of the app are light years away from the text-intensive design of legacy apps. When you log in, everything you need is available right on the interface and all steps are easy to follow.

Security and Reliability

As a money transfer service, Ria Money Transfer is regulated in three countries. In the United States, the company is regulated by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), in the United Kingdom, it is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and in Australia by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). This guarantees the safety of transactions at a global level.

On the mobile app, Ria has installed security features such as fingerprint sensors and facial recognition for logins. On the platfrom, the app is secured by Transport Layer Security (TLS). This ensures customer information and identity is guarded.


The Ria Money Transfer app, allows you to snap a photo of your credit or debit card, upload it on the platform and it captures all your details including card number. Anyone who knows the struggle and risk of typing in long strings of credit card numbers will appreciate the convenience and relief this feature brings.

What Can You Do With The App

Having looked at the top features above, it is time to turn to the real functionalities behind the Ria Money Transfer App. You can do so much with the app, here are some of the functionalities.

Sending Money

Through the app, you can send money to more than 150 countries supported by Ria Money Transfer. You simply need to indicate the country you are sending to, the amount, the preferred payout method, and the transfer payment method. After that, review the transaction and send.

Tracking Transfers

Once you send money to your loved ones, you can track it 24/7 on the app. This will enable you to update the recipient or confirm if indeed they have received the money. The transfer tracking interface displays the following:

  • PIN
  • Recipient’s name
  • Country
  • Amount sent
  • Transfer status -This indicates whether the money is on its way, the transfer was received, the money reached the destination or the recipient picked it up.

Check Rates and Fees

In case you just want to check the spot rate at which your currency pair will be converted or the fees you will be charged for your model transfer, you can use the price calculator on the app. Alternatively, you can model your transfer and see the real-time rates applied.

Choose Pickup Locations

The mobile app incorporates the ingenuity of Google Maps API to display cash pick up locations near you. For instance, if you are in a city in Mexico, the app through geopositioning identifies your live location and indicates the Ria agents around you.

Share Transfer Details Through The App

Once you make your transfer through the app, you can share the details with the recipient to make it possible for them to track the transfer and collect the cash. The order details which include the 11-digit transaction PIN can be shared through WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, Facebook, OneDrive, email client, Google+ and other platforms.

Therefore, the Ria Money Money Transfer app is true to the promise of enabling fast, simple and secure transfers.