Chromebooks – Now showing Bluetooth device battery level

Chromebooks   Now showing Bluetooth device battery level

Here at Coolsmartphone towers, a number of writers use Chromebooks as our primary devices.

But one thing thing I find annoying when using my Chromebook is guessing at the battery level of my headphones, keyboard and mouse, but a few months back, it was discovered that Google was working to bring Bluetooth battery levels to Chrome OS for connected peripherals.

This feature won’t work on every single Bluetooth device, as not all Bluetooth devices report their battery levels.

To activate this feature just enter …

chrome://flags/#show-bluetooth-device-battery your omnibar and hit the button on the right to select ‘enabled’ for the flag. You’ll be prompted to restart your Chromebook and after you’ve done so, you’ll be able to connect up your favorite Bluetooth accessories and hopefully see a bit more info about them right in the system tray.

Now here is the important bit, this feature is hidden behind in the Stable channel of Chrome OS can cause some Bluetooth LE (low energy) devices to simply stop functioning, so if that’s the case just disable the flag and restart your Chromebook.