Get a personal trainer in your ear. Auro.

At this time of year my inbox is a mixture of Christmas gadgets and keep-fit ideas for the New Year. However, as we mentioned in our earlier story about Peloton, you shouldn’t really have to spend a fortune on getting and keeping fit.

This one, though, is another paid-for jobby. If you pay for a year in advance it works out at £4.99 and there’s a 14-day trial available so you can give it a sping. It’s called “Auro” and is basically a personal trainer for your eardrums, pushing you to reach your goals.

The developers tell us that…

This time of year is usually known for ever expanding waistlines as the motivation to go to the gym or get out for a run or bike ride dwindles.

Whether bored at the gym, away travelling, hindered by grim weather outside, or unable to get to a class, there is no reason to skip a workout anymore. All of Auro’s classes are on-demand, so all that is required is a set of earphones/headphones or a speaker and a smartphone. Classes can also be downloaded in advance in case there is no Wi-Fi when choosing to work out.

You can also whack your own musical playlist onto the app via Spotify if you’re not a fan of the platlists delivered directly. They’re adding lots of new classes and multi-week structured training programmes for new starters, those training for a 5k or even a half marathon. The Auro app also integrates with Apple Watch, Garmin, Myzone and a whole range of wearables.

Head to the Auro website for more info.