Well, that didn’t last long. Wuntu is through. No more Three rewards.

Announced just two and a half years ago, the Three rewards app is similar to the “VeryMe” rewards system in the My Vodafone app – giving customers discounts and freebies on things like cinema tickets, food and drink etc.

I’ve used the Vodafone one and, like Wuntu, it treads a grey area between the odd free item (coffee or a sausage roll etc) and “deals” or offers which are a bit “sales pitch-ee” in their delivery. As an example, I can currently choose between two Vue tickets for £7, a free hot drink at Greggs or discounts of chocolates, protein shakes or brownies.

Three have announced that Wuntu will be closing on December 15th. They’ve been a little cagey about what is replacing it, with one Twitter user being told that “Something better” will be coming. We don’t know what exactly that it as the minute.