Park an F1 car on your drive. F1 Pack Rivals.

This is a card trading game with a number of extra goodies. Download the app on iOS or Google Play and you get tought how to play straight away.

F1 Pack Rivals is a strategic card game with all the official F1 cards and imagery. Use your tactics to get the cars around the track in the best time.

To start, just follow the simple tutorial and you’ll unlock additional cards and an AR card which which lets you position an F1 car on your own driveway. This is, I must admit, a bit cool. You can resize the car and walk around it, just as if it was right in front of you. A great way to get a full 360-look at the various F1 cars.

If you don’t have a drive or it’s dark outside, you can resize the car and put it on a worktop or table. You can then snap a photo of you standing next to it or record a video like this..

If you fancy having a go, the game is totally free and available now. It’s glossy, slick and features all the familiar F1 drivers and cars.