Who fancies a minimalist phone eh?

Hello people. You like smartphones, right? Well, how about one that is a bit more minimalist and less intrusive?

This is the Mudita Pure. They call it a “modern take on a classic phone” which means no distractions. We’ve covered “retro” phones in the past – even a traditional deskphone with a mobile SIM – but this one has a lot of the modern technology in it. For a start it has an e-ink display, Bluetooth and there’s a custom OS. However, after that it’s all about the phone / life balance – it’ll provide a meditation timer and an ultralow SAR value plus just the essential phone features you need.

The handset has a notes system, a calendar, alarm clock, music player and a long-lasting battery.

This is on Kickstarter right now but has already smashed the goal – over £140k in just a day. The Mudita Pure has no internet connection, no app store and no camera – plus you’ll get around 5 days of use from it. There’s even a classic numeric keypad up-front. Old school baby.

Specs include 16MB RAM, 16GB storage an ARM 600MHz CPU and space for two SIM cards.

Head to Kickstarter to back the project.

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