OnePlus leak pictures of their own handset

OK, an update then. On Monday we received an update on the upcoming OnePlus 7T. You can buy tickets to watch the launch here in the UK on October 10th or watch it one their site, however it’ll be revealed much earlier than that elsewhere. For example, in North America and India you’ll see the phone on September 26th.


Just yesterday we saw the Huawei Mate30 leaks which revealed a circular camera housing on the back. Huawei are going to launch their phone tomorrow and will put all their clever rear cameras inside one larger round bezel, like this..

The Huawei Mate30 Pro

But Huawei have a bit of a problem. Both their Mate30 and the Mate30 Pro won’t have the Google Apps. At least, not unless they come up with some way of post-installing them – so no YouTube, Maps, GMail and so on. That, and I’ll be honest here, is going to mean that the competition will be ready to take advantage. If they can offer a similar phone with all the stuff you normally expect, then it’ll probably do well.

So, ahead of the actual launch, the Founder and CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau, has leaked his very own phone. He’s actually shown off the phone that we’re all waiting to see! Weird yes, but there’s a good reason – the phone has a very similar rear lens design to the leaked Huawei Mate30’s so they’ll naturally raise the eyebrows of potential customers..

In a OnePlus blog post he writes..

Our earliest supporters might remember the OnePlus One launch back in 2014, when we shared OnePlus with the world for the very first time. We spent only one minute talking about specs and performance, with the entire rest of the event dedicated to design and user experience. This was very unconventional. At the time, design was often an afterthought rather than a focus, especially in the Android smartphone world. We made it the focus. We wanted to change things.

And indeed they have – they’ve shown off pictures of their own phone, way, way before any of the actual launch events.

Weird, but hey, it’s interesting at least..

Mr Lau continues…

In 2018, we became the first in the industry to release a smartphone with a four-curved, matte-frosted glass back, but it took three years of testing and perfecting to finalize the development of our groundbreaking chemical etching process, allowing us to bring our signature matte-frosted glass to the stunning Midnight Black and Silk White versions of the OnePlus 6.

While we were extremely happy with our matte-frosted glass, we didn’t stop there. We kept exploring, improving, and trying new things. The result? A new smooth matte surface with a brilliant metallic radiance, and we’re excited to be introducing this new finish on our upcoming flagship.

We’ve completely reimagined the camera housing for our upcoming flagship. The camera should make a bold visual statement, but also flow naturally with the overall design for a seamless appearance.

The new OnePlus 7T has a triple camera setup and we’ll no doubt find out more about the specs in a few days time.