Zero – Real time translation via a clever little microphone

Created by the Timekettle team, this is a great way to break down language barriers. It’s an affordable, super-portable translator which lets you do real time translation with a multi-directional microphone. This means you can speak to someone else in your language, with the gadget translating, and they can respond back with their reply being translated and read back to you very quickly.

Called “Zero”, this is on Indiegogo right now and Brendan from Three has just picked his up at IFA, giving it a try over roaming data below…

As you can see it works very well, even with the very human “umm’s” and “errr’s” in the provided speech. Many other handheld translators and apps use the inbuilt phone microphone and you end up having to pass the device back and forth, faffing about. This seems a lot smoother and starts the second you plug it in.

It can also be used for dictation and recording audio, with the ability to record and separate the voices of up to 4 speakers simultaneously in meetings, so you don’t have to worry about who said what. It comes with a memo extraction, offline mode and can also deal with over 40 languages and over 90 accents too.

The price on this one is £56 with shipping in November.

Here’s the promo vid..