Retro-fitting wireless charging on your smartphone

Here it is without the case (which I DO use, and still somehow broke my phone)!

You may have seen these floating around on Amazon (here) or eBay (here).

For those of you, like me, who have a smartphone without the clever wireless charging, you can retro-fit this by slipping one of these between your phone and the case. It comes with a near-flat USB or microUSB plug (depending on which one you buy) and then lets you charge via a wireless base such as the one we reviewed earlier.

I’ve got one right here and it works very well. I should, however, point out a few things. Firstly, the charging experience isn’t as fast as a standard USB-C or microUSB charger. I’ve tried this one (which was less than £3 from eBay and came from China). It’s a simple fitting – just take your cover off (this whole idea isn’t great if you’ve not got a cover as it’ll just flap about) and plug the device into your phone charge port. Then place the main receiver pad against the back of the phone and put your cover back on and you’re done. However, when you charge it’s a bit slower. Because you’re retro-fitting a panel it’s not as fast as a usual wireless charging system.

Also, as you’re blocking the charge port, it’s a bit of a faff when you do want to charge with a standard cable as you need to unplug the device again (which in turn means removing your case or cover again).

That said though, for a relatively small cost, it does the job.