Honor juggle their marketing messages

There has always been a perceived notion amongst the older generation that young people use their phones too much. On the flip-side, the younger generation seem to think that the older generation don’t use them enough due to lack of understanding. This, as with most perceived notions, is not entirely the case and to marketing people it is very important that they know how to to market their product to both.

Due to this the marketing bods over at Honor decided to do some research for their next marketing splurge. For a long time the the key cornerstone of the Honor Brand has been “FOR THE BRAVE”. This is not going to be disappearing, but they are now to grab hold of a key realisation that a large proportion of Generation Z (18 -24) are indeed using their phones a bit too much. However, it’s a productivity-based way, with many of them using it to provide a supplementary income. I have seen this for myself in the various trips that I have been on for Coolsmartphone as I am surrounded by people who make a living using a smartphone. The research below shows the highest activities carried out by “Gen Z”.

Smartphone use Gen Z (18-24) Baby Boomers and Traditionalists (45+)
To be more creative 40% 10%
To increase social consciousness 30% 10%
To be more environmentally conscious 20% 8%

So how are Honor going to try and appeal to these new productivity maestros for the new Honor 20 Pro. One of the things that we know a lot about with regard to the launch of the Honor 20 Pro is that the night camera is something they want to shout about. They’ve engaged the services of a group of graffiti artists from the Professional Graffiti and Street Art Team, Graffiti Kings. They have created a mural on a wall in Shoreditch that will display the two sides of the “age divide”.

This mural will really come to life in the hours after the sun goes down – the image will show the activities that Gen Z are really up to on their phone, as well as what they’re perceived to be doing.

This should prove to be an enlightening look at what can now be done on a phone and will hopefully make the older generations appreciate that Gen Z is not just using their phones for things like Facebook Tinder and playing games! It may even encourage them to try one of the Honor 20 Pro’s themselves.

Here are some of the pictures from the campaign.

And here is a time lapse of it being created

We also have a quote from Olivier Dobo, HONOR UK Marketing Director, who tells us..

Our research shows that young people are getting more out of their smartphones than any previous generation, and we’re proud to help them continue to do so. Phones like our new HONOR 20 PRO mean young people can start to change their world as easily as they change the track they’re listening to, so the fact that so many of Gen Z are embracing the opportunities smartphones offer is really great to see.

I hope that we will be able to spend some time with the Honor 20 Pro in the very near future to greater understand what makes this phone so appealing.

Honor juggle their marketing messages

Don’t forget if you order one from the Honor website or from the below retailers, you will get a free Honor Watch Magic that is worth £179.99. This offer will expire on the 18th of August so you had better be quick if you want one. The phone itself is coming in at a very very reasonable £549.99

HONOR 20 PRO is available in either Phantom Blue, exclusively at Carphone Warehouse or Phantom Black, available at Amazon, Argos, MPD, Very and A1 Comms as well as Carphone Warehouse.