70mai Smart Dash Cam now gets GPS information on footage!

The one minor annoyance about reviewing kit here at Coolsmartphone is the fact that, after you’ve reviewed it, they can sometimes fix problems you pointed out. One example is the 70mai Smart Dash Cam that we reviewed just last week.

I loved the thing, but I was a tad disappointed that, even if you get the GPS module, it didn’t add the speed information to footage. However, I have some good news people. They’ve now fixed this. Real-time speed and GPS location data now gets embedded on 70mai Dash Cam Pro videos. You just need to update the dash cam firmware to Version 1.0.5.

To update, you need to download the update package via the 70mai app, then you connect to the camera WiFi and push the package to it. The only minor issues is that speed and GPS coordinates are only available in the 70mai app album, and not when you download the video. Doah.