The OnePlus 7 Pro – That pop-up camera in action

Fantastic specs, great screen, super-fast charging, epic rear camera setup, gorgeous design…

Wait, it’s got a pop-up camera?

That, in my head, is what most people are thinking when they saw the new OnePlus 7 Pro today. We’re going to give you a look at it in action here, but we need to also give you a bit more detail. First of all, this pop-up selfie shooter won’t be on the OnePlus 7 – it’s only on the OnePlus 7 Pro. The “regular” OnePlus 7 has a standard notch-camera. Second, this camera has been tested quite a bit – it’ll even shoot back inside if you drop the phone, so as to protect it from being snapped off on impact.

Sure, there’s no doubt that you could snap the thing off if you were mad enough to do that, but you’d have to put quite a bit of thought and brute force into it.

Engage selfie-mode then, and this happens..

Good huh?

Go on, admit it, you like that..