The Vodafone Connected motorhome

Over the years we’ve had a couple of mobile HQ’s. In Barcelona we’ve reported from a boat and also from this rather epic camper.

Now Vodafone are getting in on the act, adding lots of the their clever connected technology into a motorhome. Vodafone employee Dirk Ellenbeck created his own connected vehicle, which Voda are calling the “Connected Caravan” to demonstrate how technology can improve your camping experience.

It involves kit from the V by Vodafone range, with gadgets for keeping an eye on the dog or remotely checking your home with the V-Home automation setup. The vehicle itself can also be tracked and monitored with the V-Auto system which we reviewed last year.

This particular motorhome also features other smartphone-controlled systems, including remote door locking, a levelling system (using an automated lift system) and, for caravans with solar panels, an energy monitoring system with a power invertor. Clever eh?