New HONOR 20 Series incoming

The naming convention is getting me a little confused this early on a Monday morning. We’ve already had the excellent Honor View20, which I reviewed here and loved. Now, though, it looks like there’ll be more “20 Series” phones coming soon.

Honor have put out this launch notification which features the number 4 quite a bit. That could be pointing to a quad-camera setup possibly, and that seems to be reinforced by this promotional image which praises the photography side of the phone..

I had to get a calculator out to figure out that the 444+(4x4x4)+(4+4)/4+44/4 mathematical calculation equals 521. That makes the launch date 05/21, or May 21st. Then, someone far cleverer than myself suggested that I just press the “Save the date” button. Which I did.. and, well.. it is, and it starts at 2PM. Doah.. so simple…

As usual, we’ll bring you all the news as it happens.

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