Mixcder E9 active noise cancelling headphones

We have covered Mixcder’s excellent headphones before, especially for their noise cancelling features. Today, they have launched the E9 headphones in their range. The next generation headphones feature the latest advancement in ANC technology. The Mixcder E9 headphones are available now for £59.99/$69.99 from Amazon UK and Amazon.com.

Mixcder has increased the length of time music can be enjoyed thanks to its 30-hour battery but that is without using ANC and 24 hours with ANC, which is still very impressive for the hardened listener amongst us. Hybrid ANC technology uses an active noise cancellation system that works in a wider frequency range in the low to midrange frequencies than most ANC designs and provides an improved degree of noise cancellation. The ANC continues to work when using the included audio cable and can play for around 40 hours. If ANC is switched off, the headphones require no battery and can be used continuously.

When an incoming noise is detected by the headphones, a digital signal processor (DSP) analyses the sound waves and creates inverse waves to cancel out the ambient sound. The feature that excites me the most is the new aeroplane adaptor function allow the user to immerse themselves in music without the disturbance and noise levels experienced on a plane.

The E9 is equipped with 40mm drivers for a powerful, wideband frequency response from 20Hz-20,000Hz with impactful bass, a rich and detailed midrange and clear, extended treble.

The Mixcder E9 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are available for £54.99/$69.99 from Amazon UK, Amazon.com and Mixcder.

Find out more on the Mixcder Facebook page and via Mixcder.com