Vodafone launches the GigaCube

Ofcom has recently worked out that an average family now uses around 190GB of bandwidth on their home broadband connection. a month for the average UK family. If, however, you don’t quite use that much and you’re struggling to get great speed, this could very well be the solution.

Vodafone has launched GigaCube – a new mobile router for consumers and businesses. If you’ve got a good 4G signal , you’ll get high-speed internet access (up to 300Mbps) without line rental and without having to live on top of the local telephone exchange. Just plug it in and connect to the reliable, fast WiFi in seconds. Up to 20 devices can connect at any one time, and – as I touch upon with the earlier story about small businesses – it’s ideal if you’re in a remote location or your business moves around (a market trader or a food shop at a festival).

You can select either a fixed term or rolling contract. Prices for consumers and businesses with less than 10 employees is…

60GB 100GB 200GB 300GB
18 month contract £35 £45 £60 £80
Device cost (upfront) No upfront cost
30 day
£35 £45 £60 £80
Device cost (upfront) £120 £120 £120 £120

Head to this Vodafone Business page for more information about the Huawei router.