It’s 10AM on Sunday and I have no bacon. A quick Sunday ramble.

So, a few things have happened so far today. First, I kinda realised that, for the first time in a decade, I won’t be able to make it to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Gutted isn’t the word. In years gone by I’ve asked you guys for donations, or I’ve funded the trip myself. However, the sheer cost of the flight and the hotel is just too much this time.

Luckily our main man Garry will be there. I sadly won’t be. Bit of a kicker that, but we’ll be bringing you all the news about the very latest releases live from Barcelona all the same.

Next, I should tell you about this microSD deal. It’s a 64GB Samsung-branded EVO Plus card with an adapter. It’s down to just £9.99, and that’s delivered to your door. Boom. Good deal that. You’ll have loads of space.

Last, but not least, it’s now 10AM and I’m riding roughshod on that dangerous line between breakfast and lunch. Is it too late to get bacon now? Because I don’t appear to have any in the fridge and I’m trying to decide whether it’s acceptable to head to the shop. Is it? Is it OK?

Hmmm.. decisions, decisions..