Curve adds purchase protection. Free £5 still available.

I’m a big fan of my Curve card. It looks like any other contactless card, but it operates in a super-cool way. First, you download the app. Then, you choose a card. The standard one is completely free but you can go for their new metal card to get a stack of added benefits like travel insurance, fee-free foreign exchange, up to £600 free foreign cash withdrawals and – something we all like – gadget insurance.

Second, you add your existing bank, credit or company credit cards onto the app. Just snap a picture, add the relevant details and it’ll store each card in the app. You then just switch to whichever card you want to pay with and simply use the Curve card to make the transaction.

What’s really made it beneficial for me is the way that I can track company spending and put in claims. It’s all logged in the app. I can pull up at the petrol station, switch to the credit card, pay for fuel, then head to the local Asda to get some flowers and switch to my personal account. All with one card – you can stuff it into your phone case and simply tap. No need for a wallet.

The free card, which I used, has other benefits too, including up to £500 of fee-free foreign spending, up to £200 of free foreign cash withdrawals and 1% cashback on selected retailers. Oh, and to get you started they’ll give you £5 completely free, which … really, that’s brilliant.

They’ve just announced Curve Purchase Protection too, which adds an extra layer of protection on top of the existing card protection you may already have. It protects you for a wide range of goods and services purchased on the Curve card. If you don’t get the goods or services, or you received them damaged, or you don’t get a refund you were promised, Curve can help you get that money back.

You can get more information on that right here, but here’s a demo on how it works, but do take a look at my previous story for more info..

Here’s a slightly more polished and professional version 😉