Nissan want me to test drive their new GT-R

Yeah, so two phone calls this morning. One from Nissan wanting me to test-drive this thing, then another from Theresa May shouting, “I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO” whilst crying hysterically.

Then, after a lie down, I suddenly realised that I’d added Baileys to my coffee and none of the above had actually happened. However, I did find out that Nissan had actually contacted me, and it’s with news that there’s been a significant shift in the number of people opting for streamed and on-demand in-car entertainment.

Well now, we started fiddling around in this area back in 2011, hooking up a smartphone to the in-car radio to stream stations from all over the world. However, Nissan are now telling us that one in six people are listening to podcasts (such as the utterly amazing Coolsmartphone Podcast), playlists or streamed audio via connected mobile devices. That compares to one in 12 some five years ago.

CD’s, which are apparently used by “old people” according to my son (I know, I’ll have a word) are in sharp decline, from 27% of motorists to 11% in five years.

Nissan have sent a lovely press release below which will no doubt extol the virtues of their clever Bluetooth in-car entertainment systems, but to be honest I need to check these out with a proper test … perhaps in a Nissan GT-R…

Don’t forget, as I mentioned before, the Coolsmartphone Podcast is available to listen to right now and you can get it via your usual podcast place. Ignore the other podcasts from dying sites, eh?

Edit – OK, so Nissan would like me to point you to the Nissan Qashqai, which is the UK’s best-selling crossover. It now has an all-new infotainment system with significantly enhanced functionality. They’ve also stuffed Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into it to “further enhance the relationship between driver and vehicle”.