Strava problems on Xiaomi phones?

Remember the problem with Strava and Honor / Huawei devices? Well, just a few days ago I went on quite a long ride. I hopped on my bike and did about 2 hours, but Strava had been shut down, presumably by the HiSilicon CPU, at some point during the ride. In my recent Honor 8X reviews it seemed to be performing better, and those 1 hour rides were recording fine, but there still seems to be some mysterious power management “thing” happening which is outside of the battery controls within the OS on that Honor 8X.

After just less than 2 minutes of movement, tracking stops.

However, today I’m also testing the all-new Xiaomi Mi 8, and I have some bad news. Things are even worse. On this one, I fire up Strava, it gets GPS, then – around two minutes later – GPS drops and it stops recording. It did it a couple of times and you can see the one from a few days ago here.

I’ve no idea why, but I’d be interested to know if you’ve got the Mi 8 or the Mi 8 Pro (or any other Xiaomi handset) and you’re having similar issues, I’d love to hear if you’re having any joy.

My next step is to click “No restrictions” on the background settings for the Strava app. I’d be a bit surprised if it was this, especially as GPS seemed to stop after just two minutes and especially as Google Maps doesn’t do it, but let’s see what happens. What narks me is that apps like this, apps that absolutely must run in the background, aren’t on some sort of Google Play / Android / CPU “whitelist” and must always be able to run without any battery management messing around with things. Grrrr…