How clean is your phone?

The answer that despite our best efforts is going to be not very. In fact research has suggested that the average persons phone is dirty that a toilet seat!

Add this to the fact that a lot of us will now use our phones when we are doing what need to do in the bathroom, and you have a recipes for bacterial Armageddon!

Sure, you can get yourself an office cleaning service, but the lovely cleaning lady won’t be concentrating on your phone. Yes, you can clean it with an alcohol wipe or wet wipe. You could even take wash it off, if you have an IP rated phone (Disclaimer, Coolsmartphone do not recommend washing your phone under a tap)

This will remove some of the dirt and germs but not all of it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get your phone cleaned while you charge it?

Well the good news is such a products exists and it is called Phone Soap. This American company have been making ways to clean your phones for a few year’s now and they are now on the 3rd iteration.

This newest device will now allow you to charge the phone whilst cleaning it. This process only takes 10 minutes so can be done at any time. If you have your phone on charge overnight then you will be able to not only have a fully charged phone bit a very clean one!

Here is it in action

If you are someone who works in anyway with food or are handleing anything that will be passed from one person to another then this would be massively useful. I work in a retailer of phone’s and i handle up to 50 customers phones a day. For me this would be massively useful and I may even consider asking my employer to buy the commercial version of this product.

Also to fall in line with the time of year the bods over at PhonebSoap have made a special edition Cranberry coloured Phone Soap 3 which is available now for £54.95 from either Amazon or the PhoneSoap website.

I will be testing one of these products soon and I will let you know how it does and I am looking forward to it.