Stick your finger in and hold on tight

If you’re looking for a different way to keep hold of your phone, try this new GrabTab gadget. It’s billed as a “Grip Assist Accessory” and means that you stand less chance of dropping your phone.

It’s an expensive loop which acts as a secure holding device plus a convenient phone stand. This is a first of its kind from Speck, and doesn’t impede the use of your device (wireless charging still works etc). It’s also pretty thin too – a credit card-sized gadget which is just 3 mm thick. Simply stick it to the back of your phone case, then the flexible strip manually slides up, locking into place and creating a comfortable loop for your finger. The loop also functions as a stand that props the device on its side, ideal for watching videos, reading the news or video chatting with friends.

The cost? a mere £6.45 on

More pictures below!