Curve introduces fee-free card spending abroad

If you read my earlier post then you’ll already know that I like this whole Curve thing. It’s a card which you control via a smartphone app. The app lets you add your other cards (debit, credit, business etc) and then you simply choose which one you want to pay with when you use the Curve card. The Curve card also shows you where your money went, which account it went from and you can do things like flagging business transactions too.

Now they’ve introduced something else, and it’s ideal if you’re flying to another country soon. Let’s face it, nobody really wants to go and get foreign currency when they head abroad. Carry pots of money around isn’t safe and it’s a faff. However, if you’re like me and use your card abroad, you get charged for it.

Not so if you’re using Curve though – they’ve just reduced their foreign transaction fee to 0%. This means that you only pay the real exchange rate, and it’ll save you from some pretty hefty bank charges for foreign spend. Sometimes these can be up to 5% per transaction.

Plus, as you’re only carrying one card around, it’s less to worry about. You don’t even need a wallet. Head to my earlier feature or get yourself a card right now. All you need to do is either download the Android or the iPhone app and order your card. It’s completely free to do that and you get £5 to spend if you put ROUB7 into the app when you put in your request.

Note – That special Coolsmartphone code for your £5 is ROUB7 – that’s Romeo Oscar Uniform Bravo 7