Boom! A stonking great 256GB of space for less than £65

As you’ll know, I’m pretty terrible at backing stuff up. I recently broke my Huawei phone and I still haven’t managed to get the thing fixed. All the photos were on there and I’m using an old Samsung with a cracked screen at the moment. Doah.

So, if you’re equally rubbish at backing up and you tend to have a constant “low storage” warning on your screen, go get this thing. It’s a huge, huge 256GB microSD card and right now the price is down £117.30 to £64.49. You also get free delivery. Bonus.

Oh and this isn’t some rubbish card, this is a proper Samsung microSD with up to 95 MB/s read and 90 MB/s write speed plus class 10 and U3 compatibility. They also chuck in a full-size SD adapter. Slide it nicely into that fiddly tray in your phone and you’re done. 256GB of space for your files, your videos and pictures of cats.