Free 350Mbps for 6 months on selected handsets with Virgin Media Business

Many broadband providers want more than just your internet. They want you to have TV and a mobile phone too. With Virgin Media Business you can already get crazy-fast internet (I know, I’m a customer) and you can also get VoIP layered over the top. However, they also want you to have a mobile phone with them too. So, if you’re looking for a Galaxy S9+ 128GB or the iPhone X 256GB, on a 16GB data plan, you get a full 6 months of 350Mbps broadband for absolutely nothing.

No upfront costs and, as I found myself, you don’t necessarily have to be a business to take advantage of this. Saying that, these packages are ideal for start-ups and small businesses, giving potential savings of up to £450.

You may remember my quest to ditch the line-rental as I wanted just an internet pipe and nothing else. The whole story is below but I now pay Virgin Media Business just one fixed cost per month and don’t have to worry about line rental or crazy phone charges.

Virgin Media business have also added the Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and Samsung Note 9 to their mobile handset range.

Virgin Media uses the 4G signal from EE masts, so you get very fast and complete mobile coverage across the UK.

Full details below, but click the following links to read how I used cable broadband for my phone, TV and everything else…