iPhone XS and XS Max Vodafone pricing

The iPhone XS Max in then hand

Yes, I know that pre-orders went live on Friday, but real life took over and I had to fit some blinds. Apologies folks.

After our big iPhone XS and iPhone XS coverage you should know everything you need to know. However, if you want to get it from Vodafone, we’ve got their full pricing in a pretty tablet format 🙂

However, before we get to all that we have to highlight some of the plus-points if you buy on Voda. Firstly, if you get one before December 19th on one of their 16GB plans or above, you’ll get a stonking great 10GB extra every month for the entire length of your contract. Plus, as is usual with Voda, you get to choose between Amazon Prime Video, Sky Sports Mobile TV, Spotify Premium or a NOW TV Entertainment Pass if you pick a Red Entertainment plan.

Oh, and Vodafone will also be selling the new Apple Watch Series 4 with mobile connectivity. You can pre-order that and the Apple Watch Series 3 is available too.

On the phones, Space Grey, Silver or Gold is available in either 64GB, 256GB or 512GB of storage. If you’re looking to make things a bit cheaper, you can trade in an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus get up to £240 off their contract. Proper decent that..

We should point out that the above prices are just examples and Vodafone does have other options, so head to the iPhone XS page on Vodafone or the iPhone XS Max page to get all the options.

HEre’s the pricing on the Apple Watch…