BT Price up the Apple iPhone XS and XS Max

Yes, it’s definitely Apple day today here at Coolsmartphone. We’re detailing some of the plans available and the networks offering them. The next cab off the rank is BT Mobile, and BT, of course, sit on the EE network.. which BT owns.

I know, a tad confusing. Let’s get to the pricing and insert the obligatory link to our earlier iPhone XS and XS Max coverage if you’re in need of some details.

This is just a snippet of the deals available on BT, so do head to for the full range. Prices start at £57 per month but you’ll probably be looking at around 15GB of data per month for a handset like the XS. This will cost you £70 (I know, it is a lot) with a £25 one-off cost upfront. You can get the iPhone XS Max for £75 per month with a higher £35 up front cost.

The plans notch up from there really, with 30GB costing you £76 per month with £10 upfront on the XS, or 60GB costing you £81 per month. Oh, and you’ll still need to pay £10 upfront but, if you’re paying £81 per month over two years I’m guessing that the £10 one-off hit isn’t going to be much of a concern for you.

There’s monthly caps, usage tracking, free BT Sport on plans above 6GB and tethering is in your plan. Jump over to for the full details.