Plusnet Mobile deal. £9.50 for 4.5GB monthly data

Sitting on EE (just like BT Mobile, who we mentioned earlier), is Plusnet. They’re just given me a nudge about a new offering for SIM-only customers.

The details, if I’m honest, are in the title of this story, but I just need to write something here in order to keep me from going slightly insane. 🙂

Now, I’ll fess up, this is an affiliate link, and we’ll get about 10p if you buy by clicking it, so that all helps in keeping us online. Good huh? The deal, though, is only on until September 13th, so be quick smart.

Oh, and you also get some old-fashioned things called “voice minutes” (3000) plus 3000 of those “text message” thingies that people used to use back in the day.