International roaming with SMARTY. Tested.

As we mentioned earlier, SMARTY, the simple SIM only network, are backed by Three. Travelling within the EU, as you would expect, is included in your normal usage. You can head to Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, where-ever. Just use your phone as you would back in the UK.

Further afield, you can roam too. You just pay as you go so there’s no need to buy big packages with extra data you might never use. We tested this out fairly recently using a SMARTY SIM card. It’s just £7.50 for their “Small” package, which delivers 2GB of data, however you can choose bigger packages.

When you go outside the EU, you’ll need to perform a quick alteration to your APN configuration, but this only takes seconds and unlocks the ability to roam internationally. In the USA, where we tested this, it costs 10p per MB of data. So, 10MB is £1 and 50MB is £5. You can see the costs per-country with this checker.

We tested it out and it roamed onto the 3G AT&T signal without any problem. This reflected a local phone, as there’s a very patchy 4G signal in the area of Florida we tested this in.

All in all though, it worked fine. So, if you want a simple, easy and no-fuss way of getting the full Three signal experience at home – give SMARTY a try. You can choose from one of their packages below. You also get to go on holiday to Spain, Cyprus, Ibiza or anywhere else in the EU and pay absolutely nothing extra. Plus, if you want to go further afield, they offer international roaming too.