Vodafone WiFi Calling – Not on all plans, yet. A response.

This morning I wrote a story about WiFi Calling. It’s something which is now becoming fairly familiar with users of compatible handsets and means that you can make and receive calls whilst on the Underground in London, in the local Tesco or in the office when there’s no signal.

Channelling your calls over a WiFi hotspot is great for customers and great for networks. After all, they don’t need to invest stacks of money sticking an additional mast up, and they get revenue as you’re using your phone more. Everybody wins.

However, as detailed earlier, Vodafone doesn’t allow WiFi Calling on all of their plans. This despite the fact that you’ve got a compatible phone.

If you don’t have a plan which includes “Unlimited minutes”, you simply don’t get the option.

We contacted Vodafone and a spokesperson came back with the following..

We are working on updating our current plans so they all include Wi-Fi calling – we hope to have this up-and-running as soon as possible so all of our customers can benefit from Wi-Fi calling.

We don’t quite know when “soon” is, but it’s a promising piece of information for those of us who have a Vodafone handset on a plan which doesn’t include “Unlimited Minutes”.

We’ll let you know when Vodafone turn on the WiFi Calling for all.