Go on. You need a bigger one.

Size. It’s all about size isn’t it? Sure, they’ll tell you it isn’t. But it is. It is really. You can maybe fool yourself into thinking that a little one will do the job. That it’ll fit, but when you try using it properly you’ll soon realise that it’s no-where near big enough for the job. Then what are you left with? Disappointment. Perhaps the odd tear. Then you’ve got to pull it out of the slot, admit defeat, and try to get a bigger one.

What am I talking about?! What?! Not that. No. But yes, I’ve done this joke before and no doubt I’ll do it again because it’s a winning formula my friend. 16 years I’ve been doing this. 16 long years.

OK, so now I’ve padded this item out I can hit you with the information you actually came here for. It’s a ma-hoosive 128GB microSD card. Yes – 128GB. That’s got to be big enough? Surely. This SanDisk Ultra will do up to 100MB/s transfer with A1 performance.

At the time of writing it’s £31.50, which is cheap enough and is an Amazon Prime Lightning deal, but do check out the price and look at the other sellers, as you can get it for £28.49 there.