OnePlus 6 Red – Hands on

The OnePlus 6 has been a huge success for the company. Many new customers have joined the OnePlus movement, ditching more well-known phones in the process.

We were lucky enough to be at the launch event in London, but also to have a device before launch to cover in a full review as well as additional coverage.

I have been using the Mirror Black model since then, with it becoming my daily driver. I have grown to appreciate it even more than I did when I first got hold of it.

There was also a more frosted looking black model available at launch which looks beautiful, but it was the Silk White version that caught a lot of the attention, with good reason too.

Whilst I only got a brief hands on time with the white model, the company have since launched a brand new colour which looks absolutely stunning – a beautiful Red model.

We covered the announcement recently, but thanks to our friends at OnePlus we now have a real working device to show off in all its beauty.

Which should you buy?

This will be a personal choice depending on the colour selection, but I expect many have already rushed out to get one of the launch models and now have a tough decision on whether to sell and get the red model, or stick with their launch colour.

My thoughts on all the colours are as follows.

Mirror Black

This is the model I have and use daily, yes it may attract fingerprints on the back like crazy, but most people will use a case anyway – there’s one in the box. I was lucky to have a choice of covers but often go back to the free supplied one as it’s clear and shows off the design while keeping protected.

Midnight Black

When you look at this model you would almost think it is a matte finish. In fact it’s the same glass back found on the other models, just with different techniques to give it the matte look… and it looks great!

This is my personal favourite.

Silk White

I love white phones personally, and more so with the OnePlus 6 due to the design and materials used. Here you get a stunning finish in crushed pearl that looks and feels premium to use.

I only wish they did a version with a white front to match.


This is the latest colour and it really does stand out.

With red under the glass and around the sides is paired with the gold accents around the camera and fingerprint reader. It makes the OnePlus 6 Red perhaps the the best version that the company have ever made.

A big thanks to OnePlus for sending over a new red version of the OnePlus 6 for us to check out and cover on the site.

Now….which one are you going to order?

All colours are now on sale online at the official OnePlus store ready for you to order right now.