I choose to go naked, but there’s consequences

Take a look at these two phones. Do you know who they belong to ?

Yes, they belong to me. Apart from the cracks and the smashed rear panels, you’ll probably also notice that I don’t have a cover on either of the phones either. This, I’ll admit, is a bit of a choice. Yes, I SHOULD have a cover. It’s something I advise others to do, but I just don’t have one myself. Perhaps the crazy thing about that mentality is that I fool myself into thinking that, as I’m in a desk job, I don’t necessarily “need” a cover or a case. However, the evidence above speaks for itself really. I do. I do need a case.

But I just don’t want one. Sure, I know that my phone will slide out of my pocket when I get in the car. I know, deep down, that it’ll fall our of my hand as I try to carry my keys, my phone and a coffee all at the same time. Yet, I still do it.

My choice, then, is to look at the phone, to enjoy the design, the shape, the hold of the thing. I like to see the phone as the designers intended. Not with some big rubber case on it.

If you make this choice, then you simply HAVE to consider mobile phone insurance. Why? Well, there’s too many people like me who walk around with cracked screens, broken backs and snapped chassis. We “make do” with these broken bits and “carry on” because, well, the repair cost is literally insane. You’re going to be looking at £240 to replace the screen on a Galaxy S9, which is more than some smartphones actually cost to buy.

So yes, if you do choose to go “naked” and you want to show off the curves and contours of your shiny new phone, by all means, go ahead, but get some insurance. As an example on cost, a Galaxy S9 is around £8.99 per month, which includes accidental damage, cracked screen and water damage.