Quick. I need to buy this. The FlowMotion ONE.

I love gadgets. Well, you know that. I’ve been writing about the things for 16 years now so it’s fair to say that I’m slightly obsessed really.

Smartphone camera technology in particular has come a long way recently, but despite the stabilization features you’ll no doubt see in handsets, there’s still a slight difference between the technology and the skills of the person holding the phone. Wobbly footage, with quick and jarring movements, are always a pain to watch back. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the whole “it should be in landscape, not portrait” problem.

This, then, is for those who want to produce smooth and beautiful footage. It’s a smartphone stabilizer which has already seen over 20,000 pre-orders, and you can get 33% off if you add your name to that list.

It’s already raised $1.3 million on Kickstarter but you may need to win a bit of cash with Unibet Casino or Ikibu first. The cost is €229, and that’s far cheaper than the regular price after it’s gone past the pre-order stage.

The package, if you can afford one, includes a battery, travel case, tripod mount, USB charging cable and the FlowMotion ONE Stabilizer itself.

Why am I mentioning it then, if it’s so expensive? Well, just look at this promotional video…. I think you might well get the same feeling that I did when I first saw the thing. It adds a properly professional and smooth effect to all footage and it really pushes the smartphone camera to another level…