Sony E3 2018 as it happened

Welcome, So the rules for this coverage are:

  • I won’t talk about Pre/Post shows in detail only mention what they are doing for them
  • No event screenshots, Not because I can’t but because the stream quality isn’t great and I wouldn’t want to force that on you but new trailers will be here
  • I will be added trailers where possible
  • I will try to cover all the key features mentioned and extra I believe matter
  • I will be opinionated if there is something I don’t like

Stay tuned for PlayStation live from E3 2018 Media Showcase takes over the screen with a space themed background and some lounge Music. Now time to start with some warnings about user discretion. On stage another band is rendered in CGI and playing light music different from before and is that cats I can hear? Now its time to start properly I believe. Their in a tent or a church? Okay this is very different. A Kingsman joke it made from the infamous fight scene but their promised it wont happen there.

A musician is on stage holding a banjo and their opening with The Last of Us part 2. The song is reminiscent of the memories made for so many by the first game. And the song is complete and the screen is on for the game trailer. The location they are in is a replica of the place that in the trailer. Ellie from the first game is whisked of by her partner and are both dancing together in each others embrace. It is nice to see some LGBT Representation. Especially in such a big game. Now suddenly it cuts to Ellie murdering someone or something and this is actual game play footage.

Now that is over guests are being moved into a different place to sit more comfortably so there is a slight intermission.

Call of Duty time. Black ops 4 is more like black ops to reskin and now just with some Black ops 1 maps. Hopefully they’ll at least have some original content. But so far it old remastered content. Now back to the intermission. Black Ops 3 is dropping tonight for free on PlayStation’s Plus. A highlight reel from somewhere….is now playing. This is full of VR games. Finally we might be back to the showcase.

Destiny 2’s new expansion featuring Cayde-6 and the Prince from the reef. The Cayde gets shots and I can only hope he lives on for the comedic values. The story seems to be taking over a little bit with Cayde being held in the players arms. Destiny 2 Forsaken  comes out September 4th.

Now for another live performance from someone with a bamboo tube. It looks like a game from “That game company”. And while that was happening my primary stream dropped forcing me onto Mixer. Ghosts of Tsushima. Game play is nice to see after last years teaser. A cinematic experience in video games is rare like this. Everything from this game look impressive. Looks like time for a battle. Samurai sword fighting looks intense and the game play looks fluid and very dynamic.  The level of gore from this game is high. Parkour is also a part of the game. This is the style of Assassins Creed we should get. The lighting and leaf movement make this game look extremely beautiful. That’s the end for this game for now and it looks so impressive.

This seems to be a new title. A woman holding a gun and a strange environment that’s ever changing. The rooms feature all have destructible walls and pieces. Control is the name.

Resident Evil. Right out of no where. Set in Racoon City. 3rd person game play. Fans of the series have been wanting this for a while now so they must be excited. Resident Evil 2. Out January 25 2019 and can be pre ordered today.

Now this game from the guys who make Ricky and Morty. This weird kind of “not caring” universe. Trover Saves the Universe.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is shown again for the 3rd time this E3 and understandably so showing off Pirates of the Carribbean part of the game. It looks very different from the previous trailers. Captain Jack actually sounds like Johnny Depp to which is quite impressive. They are really pushing Disney content in this Kingdom Hearts. Plus ports of previous Kingdom Hearts so that people can play them from the start

Death Stranding. Norman Reedus is back and talking. There is actual dialogue this time. This looks to be another Cinematic CGI Trailer but with game play mixed in.  Still have no idea what this game is but it feels like the point. The enviroments looks amazing. Oh my he just pulled off his own toe nail. That was pretty disgusting but mostly it has been traversing environments. “Give me your hand in death” ” Give me your hand in flesh”. This is so weird I don’t know how to describe it honestly. “Give me your hand in Spirit”.

A Ninja game, Nioh 2 is on the way. The first one was supposed to be a good game although I never picked it up.

Spider Man, A new trailer and area for Spider Man now. Electro is in a prison letting out everyone in one go. Now Spider Man is fighting them. Virtually walking through the enemies. And now Rhino has turned up. Scorpion is now in the mix. This trailer/game play looks to be the start of the game maybe and introducing the Villans just like Vulture who just flew in. And it ends on a cliffhanger. 3 Months away from launch so not long to wait to find out.

Now the wrap up. All the games shown have had a big impact and it was a interesting conference.