Buy a phone, run a speed test, give to charity!

Wanna donate some cash easily? Well, there’s a couple of ways we’ve found of doing it.

First, the Tesco Mobile guys are donating a crisp £5 for every single pink phone which is sold until June 26th. The money goes direct to Cancer Research UK and ties in with the annual Race for Life event.

Pink smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone SE 32GB (available for £17.25 per month with 5000 minutes, 5000 texts and 2GB double data) bought through the network will generate the £5 donation.

Tesco and Race for Life have been in partnership for seventeen years, with Tesco donating over £40 million since 2002.

Head to Tesco Mobile for more information.

The second way of donating is to slightly change your speed test behavior. I’m sure many of us will be familiar with, but if you choose to use Comparitech, they’ll donate $0.01 for each user that runs a test. All funds raised go to Computers 4 Africa and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Billions of speed tests are performed annually. If just 1% used that Comparitech speed test then millions could be raised for charity.