Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB deal. £23 p/m with 4GB monthly data.

This offer comes via and delivers unlimited texts and unlimited calls. You get 4GB of data too.

Yes, there’s the small matter of the £135 up-front payment, but you could probably sell your old phone and cover that. Also, there’s £10 off with the voucher code, so you can get it for a bit less. Also, if you want a bit more data (and both of these deals are on Vodafone by the way), there’s 16GB offer which sees up paying £100 up-front and then £30 per month.

Both of these are two-year contracts, but don’t forget to use that £10 discount (code 10BANKHOL) in and, you will have to be quick. This seems to be a Bank Holiday offering and it ends in 24 hours from now.

There’s three different colours to choose from and you can have a read of our Samsung Galaxy S9 review right here if you want some more info before purchasing.