#MWC18 – Come on PanzerGlass, give it a PROPER whack!

On Monday we saw the guys from PanzerGlass hammering their own screen protectors to prove how well they protect your phone. Now, truth is that they do break sometimes, and they’re designed to do that if there’s a really, really hard impact. After all, it’s better to have a broken screen protector than a broken screen, right?

So, we got chatting with the demo guys on the stand and gently encouraged them to actually try and break the thing. Go on, give it a PROPER WHACK!

The result was pretty encouraging. Despite some properly hefty hits, the protective glass just refused to break.

The guy had to stop in the end because he admitted that if he hit the thing any harder, he’d probably damage the actual chassis of the handset.

Head to their website for more info.