#MWC18 – PanzerGlass, a phone, a hammer. What could go wrong?

Misleading headline that because, in reality, nothing went wrong. I am, though, learning the art of click-bait 😉

Yes, we’re back again in Barcelona and we’re back to see those crazy guys at PanzerGlass as they show just how good their screen protectors actually are. They’ve roped in a couple of sports stars to promote the brand now. Caroline Wozniacki advocates the “privacy glass” protector, which means that only you can properly see the phone screen – you have to be looking straight at the device. Meanwhile Cristiano Ronaldo is here too.. well, he’s on a poster on the wall. This is to highlight the fact that branded glass can be added – a logo is just visible on the glass but, when you turn the screen on, it goes away.

But just how strong are these protectors? Well, I asked a man with a hammer and a knife to do his best. Here’s what happened…