#MWC18 – #VirginMedia Announce S9 Pricing – Yours for as little as £31 per month

Galaxy Pricing updates are like buses, you wait 12 months for an update and then a shed load arrives all at once.

Following today’s MWC18 Samsung announcement, Virgin Media are the latest to announce their pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, and you can get the handset for as little as £31 per month without any upfront cost…..if you take a 36 month contract and only require 1GB of data per month.

Clearly the market for this contract type may be minimal amongst our readership, so we’ve included further examples of  Virgin Media Galaxy S9 pricing below

Samsung Galaxy S9 – 24 Month contract Prices are shown below:

Samsung Galaxy S9 – 36 Month contract Prices are shown below:

For those looking for the S9+ you can add an additional £5 per month

You can pre-order the devices from Virgin via this link and you’ll even get the device 7 days early.