Track your car – Vodafone V-Auto

We’ve previously taken a look at some of the Vodafone findxone kit. Now you can get Vodafone kit that’ll track your car too. This one is called “V-Auto” and it plugs into that special ODB port under your dashboard. Inside is a Vodafone V-SIM to send data over the Vodafone network.

So, whether it’s your son, daughter, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or employee – you can see if the car is parked up, if it’s moving and where it is. Great if you forgot where you parked or if you want to quickly share your location with other family members.


The cost is £80 for the gadget itself, then just £4 per month so that it can talk back to the cloud. It can also send an SOS feature if the vehicle involved is involved in a collision. Not only that, but it will also collate information from the routes you drove, how you drove, how long it took and it’ll even give you a safety score.

Head here for the full details or to get yourself one. We stumbled across this Vodafone video showing it in action. There’s some subtitles, but if you squint it’ll be OK…