Adonit Ink – Easy to use stylus for Windows

Alternative stylus pens seem to be the rage at the moment, it wasn’t that long ago we review the Adonit Pro3 stylus. The latest pen in the range is for Windows tablets called the ‘INK’. The INK is available for £44.49 from Amazon with Prime delivery and the ‘Amazon’s Choice’ badge making it even easier to order on an Echo device.

Write and draw in high-quality detail with the INK’s 1mm fine point tip that is replaceable when necessary. Like the Pro3, no Bluetooth or additional app is required but it does require power, however, with 80 hours of battery life and a full charge time of just 45 minutes by USB – you should be ok! Another stat is that the INK is just 12g and has a 9.2mm diameter.

Jasper Li, CTO for Adonit comments, “INK was our opportunity to create the ultimate stylus for Windows users. We wanted to make INK as versatile as possible, incorporating premium features like pressure sensitivity and shortcut buttons for artists and productivity seekers alike. It’s a highly capable, convenient, and affordable solution that brings convenience and accuracy to Microsoft customers.”