Need some earphones for Christmas – Brainwavz BLU-100

We have featured Brainwavz products before and we were pleased then. Now they have launched the BLU-100 earphones which work on Bluetooth 4.0. The BLU-100 comes with a micro 60mAh battery that will deliver continuous audio playback, 100 hours of standby and can be fully charged in under 2hrs. The product specifications state they have a range of 30ft, which is typical for a Bluetooth device but as long as the quality is there then this should not be an issue.

The BLU-100 comes with 3 sets of silicone ear tips in small, medium and large sizes and 1 set of Comply™ for added comfort and enjoyable listening. They are available to buy directly from Brainwavz from £33.94.