Brainwavz B200 – Review

As recently as last week, we covered the launch of the Brainwavz B200 earbuds which retail at a whopping £156. Not long after that post, the review pair arrived at Coolsmartphone Towers for testing.

First impressions? The looked the business. They arrive in a nice box, which included a nice little red and black case. The zip was a little stiff but the case was packed with ear bud spares, different sizes and different material to suit all sizes of ears. The earbud cable was nicely wrapped in a velcro wrapper to keep the presentation expectations to a high standard.

The earbuds themselves were a little bigger than I was used to but they fitted lovely without needing to swap over the silicone bud itself. The strange element of the earbuds is that the cable then feeds over the ear into a “V” style controller, which was pretty awkward but you got used to it easily enough. The earbuds are not very easy to take in and out when you are required to listen to someone asking if you want a brew, which happened to me quite a lot during the test.

Now let us move on to the most important bit – the sound. My test bed was Amazon Music Unlimited and a number of MP3 songs of a rock and metal nature. The earbuds delivered something I did not expect, a wide range of sounds and clarity to the point you could hear everything that was being played beautifully. The oddity was the lack of bass or deepness of the sound, but I think this was a worthy sacrifice for the balance of the sound.


Very nice earbuds and I am going to keep using them for the rest of the week to compare them to my trusty Pump Audio earbuds. Watch out for my video on our YouTube channel this week for my final verdict.