Watch – Hydrofoil surf board is basically brilliant in every way

Click-bait title? Check. A story which has nothing to do with smartphones? Check.

This is something I spotted last night and it’s frankly brilliant. I love proper back-to-basic inventions like this. It makes me wish I had one at my previous job – then I would’ve travelled up the canal on this thing.

What is it exactly? Well, it’s an electric hydrofoil board device which has been created by three Norwegian brothers. It’s like those flashy hydrofoil boats, but a lot smaller. As you go faster, the hydrofoil lifts the board out of the water, decreasing drag and allowing greater speeds.

This has been built in their garage, with the batteries housed inside the board. It’s pushed along via an engine and 3D printed propeller. Although the controller is currently connected via cable, they have a Bluetooth version right around the corner. A new Tesla battery should see it running for a full hour too.

It seems that this home-made creation was developed in response to the Lift e-Foil, which they felt was a little over-priced at $12,000. If you potentially want to pay a lot less, head to the Nikolai Hiorth Facebook page.