EE to measure ‘Time on 4G’

A little while ago UK network EE changed how it explained 4G coverage, moving away from population numbers and into geographical coverage instead.

This was key for them, as it shows how quickly their network is expanding. It also meant that they could show off new technology such as temporary masts for events, including a rather cool hot air balloon.

EE CEO Marc Allera says he now aims to improve the amount of time customers are use their 4G network instead of older technology. As an example, the average “Time on 4G” in an urban area is 96% for an EE customer with 4G Calling enabled. In some rural areas, that figure is 79%, falling to 70% for a customer that isn’t using 4G Calling.

Plus, as most of you have no doubt experienced, he’s promised to tackle the distinctly rubbish coverage on railway journeys. This is something that plagues every network, but EE are promising tens of millions of pounds for rail coverage upgrades in 2018 alone.

More details on the press release below.